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At a Lemmens there is more than meets the eye...

Discover the magical world of Leo Lemmens. Here, realism meets mysticism in a captivating play of abstract colors. Every detail is carefully crafted to create a unique visual experience.

The artist's works bring realistic elements to life in an abstract context, stimulating your imagination. Abstract colors lead to recognizable figures, creating a journey of discovery. Be guided by your own emotions and add your own interpretations. Get to know his work and experience the power of his expression. Let your senses be surprised, feel the emotion and let your imagination run free.

Silent signature

Discover the hidden signature in Leo Lemmens' artworks - a subtle hidden fork on each canvas. This symbolic fork allows the viewer to figuratively pin themselves to the work to discover the realistic figures amidst the abstract colors. This creates wonder and fascination for the art lover.

Leo Lemmens intentionally creates a playful element in his works, adding to the experience of his art. The presence of the fork acts as a guide within his creation and holds the viewer's attention. It stimulates curiosity and invites one to figure out the meaning, to see what one thinks one sees and, above all, what one wants to see.